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Jumping Beans®, Inc. offers three different training courses:
  1. Developer: We will get your development staff up to speed quickly on how to best exploit Jumping Beans®. Training includes:
    • Description of basic concepts in Jumping Beans®,
    • Simple hands-on examples to illustrate each concept,
    • Introduction to the more sophisticated features of Jumping Beans®,
    • More complicated hands-on examples to illustrate how the different features interact, and
    • An introduction to the security in Jumping Beans®.

  2. System Administrator: We will train your system administrator to deploy and configure your Jumping Beans® system. Training includes:
    • Installing and launching the Jumping Beans® Management and Security Console,
    • Configuring and launching the host computers,
    • Configuring the Jumping Beans® system,
    • Configuring the security,
    • Troubleshooting, and
    • Hands-on examples of each topic.

  3. Security: We will educate your developers and system administrators on the security in Jumping Beans®. Training includes:
    • Introduction to traditional security concepts,
    • Introduction to additional security requirements created by using wireless communication,
    • Description of additional security requirements of jumping applications,
    • Introduction to Jumping Beans®' traditional distributed computing security techniques.
    • Description of Jumping Beans®' intelligent authentication,
    • Description of Jumping Beans®' trusted source technique,
    • Optimal configuration of Jumping Beans®' trusted source,
    • Description of Jumping Beans®' multi-jump security,
    • Optimal configuration of Jumping Beans®' multi-jump security,
    • Description of Jumping Beans®' monitoring and intervention, and
    • Hands-on demonstrations of each concept.

Each of these classes is three days. They can be held at your site, or at the offices of Jumping Beans®, Inc.

To learn more about our training program, contact our Channel Partner:

       Dr. John E. Forge
       Tekton Software Corporation
       Telephone:     (415) 254-0257
       Email:     John.Forge@JumpingBeans.com